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Chevy & GMC Services Ensure Safe, Reliable Travels in Russellville, AR

A variety of regular preventive maintenance services will help to keep your vehicle running as well as a new model in the Dardanelle area. Our factory-trained mechanics use genuine GM parts to provide full factory maintenance and repair services that keep your Chevy, or GMC vehicle in top running condition. We provide the following commonly done preventive maintenance, other services, and mechanical repairs when needed.

Oil Changes and Tune-Ups Maintain Your Motor

Your engine needs good oil to reduce friction and heat. Motor oil breaks down and loses viscosity as the miles roll up on the odometer. The oil filter collects metal shavings and general contamination. Both need regular replacement to ensure the best cooling and lubrication for the longest-lasting motor.

We also install new air filters, spark plugs, plug wires, and other common tune-up maintenance to keep the engine running well and delivering the best possible fuel economy.

Count on our professional service centers to provide all types of service for your GM model, as well. From the routine appointments such as oil changes, to more in-depth repairs, we can handle it all, and we promise to do it quickly, efficiently, and professionally. Some of the services we provide include:

Tire Rotations


Oil and Engine Filters

Air Filtration

Transmission Services

Tire Replacement

A/C and Heat Inspection

Battery Service

Wheel Alignment

Fuel Systems

Brake inspections, repairs, and replacements

Engine Services

Oil Changes


A/C Repair

Plus, much more. Reach out to our team and see how much value we add that helps make your entire car-ownership experience easier.

Brake Services Ensure Safe Stops in Morrilton

At least once per year, your brakes should undergo a complete inspection and overhaul as needed to ensure you can stop safely well into the foreseeable future. We can check and change the brake fluid as needed, replace brake pads, check the calipers, and turn or replace the rotors as needed for the best stopping power.

Brake pads are designed to lose a little friction material every time you stop to limit any wear and potential damage to just the brake pads. We can restore full stopping power and improve it with new OEM brake pads and other parts.

Common Service FAQ:

How often should I get an oil change?

Most carmakers suggest changing your oil every 3,500 to 5,000 miles of travel. Those who do not drive as much should change the oil and oil filter at least once per year to ensure fresh oil and the best engine protection.

How do I know when it's time to service my vehicle?

Your car's owner's manual provides recommended service intervals for all of your vehicle's mechanical components, from basic oil changes and tune-ups to full transmission service and more. Abiding the suggested service intervals will help provide the best results while driving in Fort Smith and will also help to retain the overall value of your vehicle.

How often should I check my fluid levels?

Ideally, you would check the oil, brake fluid, and other fluid levels every time you intend to put your car on the road. Realistically, you should check fluid levels at least once per month and preferably once per week.

When should I replace my brake pads?

Brake pads have a specified service life before the friction material wears out and exposes a metal backing plate and rivets. You need to replace them before reaching the expected service life and prevent damage to the rotors and calipers. Regular brake services will help to ensure your brake pads are in good shape and all other parts are working as designed while replacing brake fluid as needed for the best results.

Do I need a Wheel Alignment Services?

Our tire and wheel services at Phil Wright Autoplex near Clarksville, AR include either two- or four-wheel alignment service. We use laser-guided computer precision to measure the camber, toe, and caster angles on each drive wheel and correct them as needed. An improper wheel alignment will wear out your tires faster while causing your car to want to travel out of your traffic lane, and that might cause an accident. We can restore full alignment and mount, balance, and rotate new tires as needed to give you the best handling. That will help your car to travel in a naturally straight path.

We are just a short commute from Conway, AR! Make your service appointment today.

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