Not sure whether to buy a new vehicle or buy a used vehicle? Buying used offers a number of benefits that are often appealing to those in search of their next vehicle.

One significant benefit of buying used becomes apparent when you compare the price of a used vehicle with a new vehicle of the same price. In doing so, you will immediately notice that the used vehicle can have better features.
Buying used will let you get the features you want; everything from a better stereo and more comfortable interior to better performance features and a faster engine.

Buying used also means a better value over time. A used vehicle will depreciate at a steady rate after purchase. Effectively, you could sell it at a greater percentage of the purchase price compared to a new vehicle. That's because new vehicles' values depreciate steeply for the first few years of their life.
Depreciation also explains why you avoid the risk of being upside-down in a loan (and having to purchase gap insurance) when you buy used. New vehicles can depreciate faster than  you can pay them off. This means you owe more than the vehicle is worth. This can be troublesome if your vehicle is ever totaled.
When you combine the advantage of better features and better value, buying used may just be the best choice for you!

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